Game FAQs

How does this game work?
There are two game modes in Estiah that are very distinct from each other. One is focusing on competitive player versus player (PvP) matches, and the other is a campaign mode where the player fight monsters and take on quests, alone or with friends.
Tell me more about the Campaign Mode
In this mode you will control a single character and evolve through the harsh world of Estiah. As you explore dungeons and defeat monsters, you will strengthen your character and allow him to use stronger and more complex spells and weapons (called Charms). At higher levels, you will be able to team up with other players to battle some of the most challenging encounters of the game. However, you will be able to experience high-level content even if you decide to only play alone.

The campaign is perfectly suited for those who enjoy exploration, character evolution, complex story, riddles and teamwork. Like a regular role-playing game.
What about the Coliseum Mode?
The Coliseum mode is designed to provide an environment for competitive PvP matches. Character statistics are normalized and all abilities are available to everyone.

In this mode, a matchmaking system ensures players always fight against opponents of similar skills and experience. However, players may be matched against more challenging opponents if there are no suitable opponents or the wait time is too long.

Most of PvP-oriented players aim to become the top amongst the best, that’s why we tried to keep PvP fights as balanced as possible. New players undoubtedly are at disadvantage due to their thinner starting collection of Charms, but they can catch up fairly fast and then challenge the highest ranked players.
What can be shared between the two modes?
Charms or items are not shared between the Campaign and Coliseum modes. There are a few account-wide perks though, such as role-playing titles and battle unit skins.
What are primary and secondary characters?
The first character that you create becomes your primary character, which has access to all games features. It is the only one that can participate in Coliseum fights.

You can create as many secondary characters as you have character slots available. They are mostly for players who wish to evolve their characters differently through the campaign. Secondary characters cannot participate in PvP nor join a different guild than the main character.

Keep also in mind that secondary characters can be deleted, but not the primary.
Primary, secondary characters… kind of confusing.
Yes, we know. Beside a few technical reasons, we believe this covers most scenarios how the game is played. The Coliseum Mode has no specializations, creating more than one character would require repeated efforts to complete one’s Charm collection. As for the campaign, secondary characters allow to try out specializations and different role-plays more easily.

If you really, really want another primary character, you can still…
Create another account? Is multi-account allowed?
Yes and Yes. As long as the system is not abused, meaning we may take actions only if see dozen of accounts with nearly same names. Multi-account is not recommended though, since you need to go through the same efforts to acquire account-wide items for all of your accounts.
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